Yesterday, I met with Dr. Kim and his great crew. I arrived with my right leg hurting as it does every day and that keeps me awake at night. When I arrived, the atmosphere was incredible and so calming. Prior to my procedure Dr. Kim, asked me what music I liked. I answered Jazz and he set the music to smooth jazz. The leg (vein) procedure went very well and he made certain I was never uncomfortable. I played a game with myself during the procedure and named that tune after four notes. Time went so fast and wonderful and he is so gentle and thorough. Having gone from my sleepless nights, to my daughter waking me up at 11:00 AM this morning, shows incredible results!!! I am so happy today and so relieved, I can`t wait for next week, when he repeats this procedure on my left leg. IF YOU ARE HURTING, DON`T WAIT LIKE I DID. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR. KIM TODAY.